Alina Lopez Loves To Be Bad


Alina Lopez is going out for a night with the girls. They decide to go to the hottest nightclub in town. The place is on jam, and the girls are doing everything possible to get inside. Alina, having the hottest body, uses her female persuasion to get inside past the bouncer. She is successful for her & her girls. That’s where the fun truly begins. Watch the scene Blacked Raw Alina Lopez Loves To Be Bad now at Interracial Porn XXX.

See Blacked Raw Alina Lopez Loves To Be Bad at Interracial Porn XXX

Alina & her friends are looking amazing tonight. They catch the attention of one of the VIPs – Jason Luv. Jason is up in a suite, away from the people. He has enough stroke to walk in & own the place. Of course, he has the attention of all the ladies in the building. Jason is known for having an amazing body & a massive cock.

He see Alina on the floor dancing, and sends down a bodyguard to get her. At first, Alina doesn’t want to leave her girls behind & wants to keep dancing. The bouncer has her lookup & when she sees Jason, Alina changes her tune & her and her friends go up to the suite. When they go up, they have drinks with Jason & his friends, but its clear Jason & Alina have a connection.

Tonight, the lovely Alina is going to experience Jason’s huge, black cock in this Blacked Raw scene. Check out the Blacked Raw Alina Lopez Loves To Be Bad scene now at Interracial Porn XXX.

Date: June 6, 2018
Actors: Alina Lopez

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